Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dollar Collapse - Will The Dollar Really Collapse?

If the thought of the US dollar crashing, or devaluing makes you laugh, or shake your head because its just a myth, think again!

I was listening to Ben Bernanke’s (Federal Reserve Chairman) Audio last week. Who in front of Congress blatantly admitted to having no concern for the dollar. He stated his job was to stimulate the economy, (not to mention his own bank account!) Which means print off money and throw it around into the markets and other companies that don’t need it in the first place.

That is only part of the reason why the market has been heading north full steam ahead…. I must be the first one to say here, that if you go back hundreds of years, in any economy and see the consequences of such actions and its not rosey picture.

Let’s take for example South Africa, or what has happened in Zimbabwe recently. The consequences of such actions has already taken place there and many crazy pictures are showing up on the internet. When you have a look at them (see on your right) It’s like some sort of bizarre scene out of a “Gods must be crazy” Film. But the only crazy people are the ones running this show. The governements and media.

In Zimbabwe things are drastic and their country has fully collapsed. Hyperinflation has riddled the country, destroying their currencies and the true gentle spirit nature of it’s people. Check this picture on your right. It’s is a picture of one of the locals racing off to the shops to errrr… buy a loaf of bread! Ah you forgot your wheelbarrow mate! “Oh you couldn’t afford one!…RIGHT!”

Jokes aside, this is a serious situation. It’s sad really!!!! I would not want to be living in a place like this, that’s for sure. The scary thing is that the US and some other countries are about to undergo a massive currency correction, and valuation also. How much?, well….time will tell? But the effect will have dramatic consequences on many families, young and old, rich and poor!


Zimbabwe is only one small portion, that has already felt these effects. What will really matter is how this will affect people psychologically. I know that people are in trouble now financially but when people get DESPERATE, they can sometimes do DESPERATE things.

Anyway….Its kinda hard to explain what is going on without showing some charts. Here is one that will simply BLOW YOUR MIND!. For video refer HERE.

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